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What's a Dew Hickie? Edit

Well, son, I'm glad you asked. Let's check Websters, shall we? dew hickies (n.) the small strawberry-like rash that can develop on a country girl's backside after frolicking in wet grass. ***** In 2006 Ken Stephens (founder, etc. of Livingroom Legends) realized that the new "comedy country" songs he'd been writing were not Legends material. He decided to form a new band using the technique he'd witnessed in the film "The Commitments." He hand-picked musicians from his friends to be in the band, but prefaced the offer with the fact that this band would be a dictatorship. Democratic to an extent, but a dictatorship nevertheless. This, thought Stephens, would be the safety net needed to keep this band on track and focused and ego-less (unlike several of his previous musical ventures, Livingroom Legends excluded of course). - So Dew Hickies was born. Dew Hickies won 1st place in the 2007 Augusta Chronicle singer-songwriter contest in what was their very first live performance EVER! Dew Hickies are poised to become massively popular despite their being "a bunch of old guys."

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