Spinscythe is a musical project that was created by Blackout guitarist Jeremy Minney in 2008. Origina

Spinscythe's most recent pixel art logo.

lly intended to only be a side-project for creative energy, it blossomed into a full-time musical project after the abandonment of Blackout in 2010. Since then, other musicians have been recruited to Spinscythe, making it more of a group than a solo act.

Style and InfluenceEdit

The music genres Spinscythe uses to describe itself are Metal, Melodic death metal, Punk metal, Rock, Acoustic, World, and J-Pop or J-rock. Influences draw from Japanese rock music to Gothenburg metal bands and everything inbetween. Several songs are also inspired by video game music.


Jeremy Minney - Vocals, guitar (All music, lyrics, recordings, and MIDIs)

Shane Hartness - Bass guitar

Jimmy Lopez - Guitar


A splash of Spinscythe's music can be heard on several webpages currently.

Spinscythe also works in partnership online with Mystical Ping Productions and can be heard in episodes of The Legend of Roika series' soundtrack.