Tommy Hangover was formed out of the ashes of late 90's Augusta band The Brotherhood originally combining half of the Brotherhood (John "Stoney" Cannon, vocals & Johnny Hohlwein, drums) and half of Toledo, Ohio band Memorylapse (Doug James, guitar & Keith Blanchard, bass) to fullfill a final show agreement at the Highlander in 1999.

Following the Highlander show drummer Ryan Henderson was brought in to replace Hohlwein and Tommy Hangover was born. A few months later, after Blancard returned to Ohio, the band recruited bassist Keith Ford.

Tommy Hangover would become know for long party sets featuring a mix of originals and classic rock covers with Cannon and James splitting vocal duties. While keeping a main residence at the Highlander, the band also performed regularly at Five Pines, Club Barcelona, and Kokopelli's. Tommy Hangover would come to a close following a mini tour of venues in Ohio.

Members of Tommy Hangover would go on to form Augusta bands 420 Outback (James, Ford, Henderson) and the Vagabond Missionaries (Cannon, Hohlwein).

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